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The Creation of the Christian Homegoing Flag…


As Office Manager for 15+ years at Camden Churches Organized for People, (CCOP) I’d met all types of people from different walks of life and cultures.   As Community Organizers, CCOP’s mission was to train every-day people on how to emerge from the shadows; and, instead of helplessly watching their neighborhoods crumble, to lift up their voices and speak “truth to power.”  In doing so, they became outstanding community leaders.  One such community leader changed my life.


You see, Gloria was a beautifully dark-skinned African American woman with a gloriously white smile and she shared it generously with others.  She was faithful in her role as layperson turned community leader and graced that role while raising two small children.  After some years of our friendship the Lord called her home.  


Gloria was a strong person of faith and knowing that helped me deal with her loss.  However, when I went to her “Homegoing” service, everything proved comforting except for one thing.  I was disheartened to emerge from her uplifting, inspiring Homegoing service. only to be confronted with graphic orange and black “funeral” signs.  I thought of her small but reading-age children not far behind me…


Of course, I understood the necessity of them and their purpose when organizing cars in a convoy!  I also understand the definition of funeral as being a service where “the body” is present (versus a memorial, where it is not), but I felt Gloria deserved something more… somehow more fitting.  It was then that the idea for “Homegoing” products was born.  With God’s help, I was able to secure a Registered Trademark for my Christian Homegoing Flag, the only one of its’ kind.


Since then, I have had the pleasure of watching these crisp, distinct and colorful autoflags grace the cars of Homegoings for my mother, my brother and my friends when they’ve been called home.  Also, as they have become a favorite of my local funeral home, I’ve seen them grace cars of people unknown to me, but who were also going home to be with the Lord.


I hope you’ll agree with me that when the Lord says in Psalms 116:15 that “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints,” that you’ll want to also grace the cars of your loved one with this extra special tribute. 



Precious in the sight of

the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.

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